First Food Security Futures Conference, Dublin, April 11-12, 2013

The first Food Security Futures Conference will bring together senior researchers from CGIAR and FAO to present their perspectives on research priorities for the 21st century. The conference is being held in Dublin, Ireland, the week before the EU Presidency (held the by Irish government) meeting on ‘Hunger – Nutrition – Climate Justice: Making Connections for a More Sustainable World’, 15-16 April 2013.


  • Overarching food security issues and challenges for sustainable food security
  • The nutrition dimension of food security and challenges for sustainable food security
  • Food security and sustainable resource use
  • Food security and climate change

A substantive research paper on research priorities will be presented for each topic, with comments by selected NARS scientists,  participants from the private sector and others. Attendees will address next  steps to be taken by international organizations charged with addressing  the  research needs of a sustainable food security future.

More technical meetings in the 2-3 days leading up to the formal program will also be organized.

More information coming up - Stay tuned!