PIM in the CGIAR Research Portfolio 2017-2022


by PIM

The newly launched CGIAR Research Portfolio tackles growing complexity of agricultural development challenges. 14 global research programs and platforms will take more collaborative, data-driven and cross-cutting approach over six-year horizon. 

The CGIAR Portfolio 2017-2022 is the second generation of CGIAR’s Research Programs and Platforms aimed at reducing rural poverty, improving food and nutrition security and improving natural resources and ecosystem services.

Policies, Institutions, and Markets (PIM) is one of the CGIAR's Global Integrating Programs (see more here).

Sound policies, robust institutions, and well-functioning markets complement new discoveries of agricultural science to create dynamic and resilient food systems. The combination of strong agricultural science and good policy is especially important in poor rural areas, where many people depend on farming for their livelihoods. Agricultural growth creates new jobs both on and off farms as rural economies diversify. Consumers benefit from more affordable food. Landscapes recover as farmers, fishers, herders, and forest dwellers adopt better management regimes and develop new institutions for collaborative governance.

Many countries fall far short of the good policies and strong institutions needed. PIM's research helps diagnose problems and assess their priority, test potential options, and evaluate reforms or large scale programs. The work falls into the thematic categories of technological innovation, rural transformation, value chains, social protection, natural resource governance, and gender.

Visit PIM's page on the CGIAR website and download the new program leaflet.