Karen Brooks on generating knowledge to improve policies, institutions, and markets

The following post was originally published on CGIAR Consortium News. Experience shows that sound policies have been fundamental to rapid agricultural growth in recent times. But policy, institutional and market constraints to agricultural growth are still significant in many parts of the developing world, especially in areas where growth is most urgently required. Projections indicate >> Read more

Feeding Nine Billion in 2050

FAO and CGIAR Conference to Address Research Priorities for Ensuring Food and Nutrition Security for the World’s Poorest April 11, 2013—During the next 40 years the world’s population is projected to reach more than nine billion people. Demand for food is expected to increase by 60 percent under business-as-usual assumptions. Competition for land, water, and >> Read more

Introducing Arab Spatial: An Online, Interactive Atlas of the Arab World

Cross-posted from IFPRI.org The great hope that rose from the Arab awakening is being continually tested—not only by ongoing political unrest, but also by lesser known forces: volatile food prices and supplies, and grinding poverty. Translating hope to better lives rests on effective policy—and effective policy rests on access to adequate and accurate information, also >> Read more

News from “Policies, Institutions and Markets”

The Program Management Committee and Focal Points met for the first time in Washington DC on April 17-18-19 to set up the program governance processes, discuss the research priorities for 2012, and initiate work plans for the program strategies on gender, data management, partnerships/capacity strengthening and communication. The Management Committee reviewed the research proposals submitted >> Read more

Second regional priority-setting event on its way

After the priority-setting event for the Arab Region organized in Beirut in February 2012, a similar event for the Asia-Pacific region will take place in New Delhi on July 3, 2012. Following a series of presentations on food policy research priorities from high-level regional experts, the participants will discuss the future of food policy research >> Read more