Flagship and Cluster Leaders (2012-2016)


Flagship 1: Technological Innovation and Sustainable Intensification

  • Cluster 1.1: Global and regional foresight modeling tools
  • Cluster 1.2: Science policy and incentives for innovation
  • Cluster 1.3: Technology adoption and sustainable intensification
mark_rosegrant02 Keith Wiebe 2014 David Spielman 2 Frank Place
Mark Rosegrant
Leader of Flagship 1
Keith Wiebe
Leader of Cluster 1.1
David Spielman
Leader of Cluster 1.2
Frank Place
Leader of Cluster 1.3

Flagship 2: Agricultural Growth and Transformation at the National Level

  • Cluster 2.1: Public expenditure: Measurements, drivers, and impacts
  • Cluster 2.2: Structural transformation: tools and analysis
diao_xinshen Tewodaj Mogues 2
Xinshen Diao
Leader of Flagship 2 and Cluster 2.2
Tewodaj Mogues
Leader of Cluster 2.1

Flagship 3: Inclusive Value Chains and Efficient Trade

  • Cluster 3.1: National, regional and global trade policies
  • Cluster 3.2: Tools for assessing value chains
  • Cluster 3.3:  Interventions to improve value chains
minot_nicholas I mark_lundy2
Nicholas Minot
Leader of Flagship 3, acting Leader of Cluster 3.3
David Laborde
Leader of Cluster 3.1
Mark Lundy
Leader of Cluster 3.2

Flagship 4: Improved Social Protection for Vulnerable Populations

  • Cluster 4.1: Safety nets: design and performance
  • Cluster 4.2: Insurance for the poor
DanGilligan  Miguel Robles
Daniel Gilligan
Leader of Flagship 4 and Cluster 4.1
Miguel Robles
Leader of Cluster 4.2

Flagship 5: Property Rights Regimes for Management of Natural Resources and Assets

  • Cluster 5.1: Water and land policies
  • Cluster 5.2: Collective action, property rights (CAPRi)
meinzen-dick2 claudia ringler
Ruth Meinzen-Dick
Leader of Flagship 5 and Cluster 5.2
Claudia Ringler
Leader of Cluster 5.1

Cross-cutting Work

  • Sex-disaggregated data for gender analysis
  • Monitoring & Evaluation and impact assessment
  • Capacity building, partnerships, and other cross-cutting activities
Cheryl Doss Frank Place Sabbagh_Pascale
Cheryl Doss
Sex-disaggregated data for gender analysis
Frank Place
Monitoring & Evaluation and Impact Assessment
Pascale Sabbagh Capacity building, partnerships, and other cross-cutting activities