The new book questions some of the stylized facts that underpin the prevailing narratives and policy debates about youth employment in rural Africa.
Alan de Brauw (IFPRI) discusses determinants of internal migration by youth within five countries: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Tanzania.
The new paper investigates how youth migration in Ethiopia and Malawi affects household labor, hired labor demand, and income, and whether these effects vary by migrant sex and destination.
How does the amount of land that youth expect to inherit affect their migration and employment decisions? The new AJAE article by Kosec et al. explores this question in the context of rural Ethiopia.
Tenure security is believed to be critical in spurring agricultural investment and productivity. Yet what improves or impedes tenure security is still poorly understood. The new paper by Hosaena Ghebru and Isabel Lambrecht analyses the main factors associated with farmers’ perceived tenure security in Ghana.