It’s important to listen to people we call “farmers” so policies can be developed that offer innovations that meet their realities and aspirations.
Join us as the book’s authors share important takeaways with major implications for policymakers.
The new book questions some of the stylized facts that underpin the prevailing narratives and policy debates about youth employment in rural Africa.
An expert panel at the recent African Conference of Agricultural Economists discussed what should be done to improve skills of millions of people who work in Africa’s agrifood systems.
Climate change ranks among the most important dynamics shaping livelihoods of young people now and in the future. New IFAD blog on the topic.
What do youth have to do with agriculture or agricultural extension? Aren’t most young people trying to get out of rural areas and are not interested in agriculture?
Alan de Brauw (IFPRI) discusses determinants of internal migration by youth within five countries: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Tanzania.
New CGIAR video features our previous Director Dr. Karen Brooks (retired in 2018) talking about the importance of agriculture for youth employment in developing countries. "We are talking about five hundred million young people in Africa south of the Sahara, in South Asia, in Central Asia who are moving into the labor force"
The new paper investigates how youth migration in Ethiopia and Malawi affects household labor, hired labor demand, and income, and whether these effects vary by migrant sex and destination.