Is another Asian-style Green Revolution good for Africa?

Assuming Africa is an appropriate setting for another Asian-style Green Revolution is misleading and could result in, yet again, a frustrated attempt to attain sustainable agricultural growth,” says IFPRI Senior Research Fellow Alejandro Nin-Pratt, lead author of the study that just received the Elsevier Atlas Award. 

African countries cannot blindly adopt food policy initiatives that spurred the Green Revolution in Asia as a way to promote agricultural development, according to the new study by IFPRI authors. The research, which focused on Ghana and was originally published in the journal Food Policy, suggests that Africa must instead develop new technologies to improve the output of tree and root crops that are abundant in the region and to reduce the need for manual labor.

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This research was undertaken with support from the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets. 


Photo credit: Milo Mitchell, IFPRI


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