As heard on radio: Karen Brooks talks at 666 ABC Canberra in advance of the Crawford Fund 2016 Annual Conference

PIM Director Dr Karen Brooks participated in Afternoons with Alex Sloan, a popular radio program on 666 ABC Canberra. She and Brian Lipinski from the World Resources Institute (WRI) are both speaking at the Crawford Fund's 2016 Annual Conference titled "WASTE NOT, WANT NOT: The Circular Economy to Food Security" that started today and were invited to the show to discuss the topic of food waste and loss. 

The playback (with many thanks to 666 ABC Canberra) is available at the link and below.

Karen Brooks is one of the two keynote speakers at The Crawford Fund’s conference this year. In her presentation titled “Waste Not, Warm Not: Poverty, Hunger, and Climate Change in a Circular Food System” Karen suggests combining economic and environmental perspectives to look at the full picture of the food waste and loss problem. Read more here>>