PIM Flagship Notes 2018: Overview and recent achievements


by PIM

Six newly released two-page brochures, representing each of the PIM research areas (we call them 'flagships'), give an overview of our research agenda on Policies, Institutions, and Markets for food secure present and future. Each note includes the following information: research clusters within the flagship, geographic focus, key research questions that the flagship team strives to answer, recent findings and achievements (2017-2018), and how you can connect with the flagship leader(-s) if you wish to learn more about and/or engage with the team.

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Flagship 1 note front page Flagship 2 note front page Flagship 3 note front page

Flagship 1: Technological innovation and sustainable intensification 

Foresight modeling for climate change, new technologies, and shifts in demand ● Policy options, investment, and regulatory reform to support agricultural innovation ● New approaches to meeting farmers’ needs for information

Flagship 2: Economywide factors affecting agricultural growth and rural transformation

Policy options to promote inclusive rural growth and transformation ● Agriculture as a source of jobs as well as food ● Public investments for vibrant rural areas ● The political economy of agricultural policy reforms

Flagship 3: Inclusive and efficient value chains

Making food markets work for the poor ● Evaluating the impact of trade policies on value chains, income, and food security ● Measuring and reducing food losses ● Interventions to improve the efficiency of agricultural value chains ● Innovations in crop insurance that work for poor farmers ● Lessons in scaling up interventions

Flagship 4 note front page Flagship 5 note front page Flagship 6 note front page

Flagship 4: Social protection for agriculture and resilience

Cash, food, or vouchers—which and when? ● Programs that deliver more security and better nutrition at lower cost ● Linking social protection and agricultural development ● What does it mean to graduate? ● What works in fragile and conflict-affected setting?

Flagship 5: Governance of natural resources

Strengthening tenure over land, water, trees, and other natural resources for the poor, particularly women ● Facilitating shared use of resources within landscapes ● Governance of natural resources for sustainability and harmony

Flagship 6: Cross-cutting gender research and coordination

Gender dimensions of agricultural growth and rural transformation ● Women’s empowerment: measurement, why it matters, and how to foster it ● Gender equality in decision making, control of assets, and benefits ● CGIAR collaborative platform for gender research

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