Water tenure: From bundles of rights to webs of interest


October 22, 2021

FAO Water Tenure Mondays webinar series

25 October 2021, 16:00 CEST

The Water Tenure Mondays webinar series creates a forum for building a stronger water tenure concept and pursues FAO’s efforts in broadening the knowledge base of its application to achieve more equitable and secure access to water, even in conditions of scarcity. 

Ruth Meinzen-Dick will present “Water Tenure: from Bundles of Rights to Webs of Interest”. This presentation will explore similarities and differences in conceptualizing tenure for water compared with the tenure of land and other natural resources. In particular, it will discuss how the concept of “bundles of rights” can be conceived for water or other resources. The presentation will provide a framework for thinking about overlapping bundles of rights, with illustrations from various cases.  If we take tenure as how people relate to each other through a set of formal or informal rules, the concept of “web of interests” emerges as a more appropriate way of thinking of the bundles of rights.

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Ruth Meinzen-Dick is a Senior Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and a co-leader of PIM's Flagship 5: Governance of Natural Resources. She received her MSc and PhD degrees in Development Sociology from Cornell University.  Much of her work has been interdisciplinary qualitative and quantitative research on land and water policy, property rights, governance arrangements, gender analysis, and the impact of agricultural research on poverty, drawing on fieldwork in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

The webinars are held in English with simultaneous interpretation to French.

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Top photo: UN Women/Narendra Shrestha

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