Upcoming Events

Upcoming  events which PIM organizes, co-hosts, supports, or takes part in. For past events, please click here.

25-29 March 2019

Washington D.C., USA

Land and Poverty Conference 2019: Catalyzing Innovation


The annual conference organized by The World Bank. Colleagues from PIM's Flagship 5: Governance of Natural Resources will present at the event.

28 March 2019


Innovations to help secure pastoral land tenure and governance 


PIM Webinar with Fiona Flintan (ILRI)

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2-4 April 2019

Canberra, Australia

‘Seeds of Change’ - Annual Scientific Conference and Capacity Development Workshop 2019 of the CGIAR Collaborative Platform for Gender Research


Conference is organized and co-funded by the Australian Centre for Agricultural Research, CGIAR Collaborative Platform for Gender Research, and University of Canberra.

28-30 October 2019

Washington D.C., USA

PIM Extended Team and Independent Steering Committee (ISC) meeting Annual review and planning meeting.

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