FAO’s Gender and Land Rights Database launches a new website

FAO’s Gender and Land Rights Database (GLRD) has launched its new and improved website aiming to increase awareness about gender and land issues around the globe. PIM is proud to be one of the partners of this initiative, especially because the new GLRD’s indicators of men’s and women’s control over land draw from those proposed in the PIM paper by Doss et al (2013), “Gender Inequalities in Ownership and Control of Land in Africa: Myth versus Reality”. 

The three major components of the site are the country profilesgender and land-related statistics and the Legislation Assessment Tool (LAT) – all featuring interactive maps to facilitate information-gathering processes.

Another highlight is a state-of-the-art Legislation Assessment Tool for gender-equitable land tenure (LAT), developed by the GLRD team to explore gender equality in land tenure in any given country and to support the implementation of The Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure (VGGT). So far, over 18 countries have been assessed using this tool, which will contribute to shaping more gender-inclusive legislations in the future.

The GLRD updates its country profiles, statistics and LAT Assessments sections regularly to better reflect the major legal and policy changes that affect men and women’s tenure rights.


Featured image - caption from the GLRD leaflet

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