Flagship 4: Social Protection for Agriculture and Resilience



Flagship 4 seeks to determine how best to design safety nets, and how these programs complement programs supporting agricultural growth and rural transformation. An understanding of which instruments for delivery (cash, vouchers, food…) work best for specific groups, how to target beneficiaries, how large transfers need to be, and to which extent complementary nutrition counseling can increase the efficiency of safety nets, can help inform design and implementation of these programs. Other areas of focus of the flagship are: how social protection can stimulate investment in agriculture; how social protection programs, together with agricultural and other interventions, can lead to graduation from social protection (i.e., beneficiaries reaching a wellbeing threshold that allows them to no longer rely on these programs); what combination of approaches are needed to make lasting impacts on the well-being of populations in fragile contexts (e.g. post-conflict areas). The gendered nature of vulnerability is a major area of focus.

Social protection research in PIM focuses on Africa south of the Sahara and South Asia, with particular emphasis on Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Mali. The research team works closely with governments and NGOs who are implementing social protection programs.

Research questions

How do social protection programs influence agricultural growth and nutrition, and what are the implications of this for program design?

Are there trade-offs between public spending on social protection, agricultural growth, and nutrition? How should these trade-offs be managed?

How can design, delivery, and targeting of social protection programs be improved to increase complementarities with agricultural and nutritional interventions?

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Research Clusters

Cluster 4.1: Social Protection Delivery and Outcomes
Cluster 4.2: Improving Resilience for the Poor in Fragile and Low-income Settings

Leadership Team

Daniel Gilligan (IFPRI)
Flagship 4 and Cluster 4.2 leader
Shalini Roy (IFPRI)
Cluster 4.1 leader

Flagship Insights

Watch our colleagues talk about the social protection research in PIM:

Daniel Gilligan, Flagship 4 leader, IFPRI

Shalini Roy, IFPRI

Sheri Arnott, World Vision International

Bart Minten, IFPRI Ethiopia

Harold Alderman, IFPRI

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