PIM’s impact encompasses a sequence of effects, beginning with the use of its research, the change in behavior or decision that may have resulted partly from that use, which we refer to as an outcome, and the more indirect impacts influenced by the outcomes. PIM impact assessment follows this sequence, investing firstly in understanding who is using our research and whether that use has contributed to actions or decisions (e.g. strategies, policies, programs). We do this continuously within all of our flagships and report on these achievements on an annual basis. In terms of longer-term impacts, we are selective in the studies we undertake, ensuring, first, that influence of our work is well-evidenced and, second, that we will be able to quantify the impacts. With policy research, this is not always straightforward.
In this section, you will find PIM’s impact pathways, constructed for the program as a whole and for each research area, as well as PIM outcome notes and deeper-dive case studies.

PIM Impact Pathways and Theory of Change
PIM Outcomes 
In-depth impact assessment case studies of PIM supported research 

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