How can women’s voices be amplified in a situation of prevailing patriarchal norms? Evidence from a civil society mapping project in Mali.
Two recent studies from researchers at IFPRI, KU Leuven, and UN FAO aim to improve the way food loss is studied and measured in order to provide a clearer policy roadmap.
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Advancing women’s land rights is a priority for the international development agenda. Yet, there is no consensus on which rights should be monitored and reported.
Online event hosted by Wilson Center. PIM's Iliana Monterroso will talk about how secure forest tenure rights promote development and conservation and increase resilience to shocks.
A new CIFOR/World Agroforestry brief presents a study on the changing opportunity spaces of men and women in the drylands of eastern Kenya.
This webinar on April 8 will present a new approach developed by IFPRI for measuring agri-food system GDP and employment.
Modeling shows the poor affected the most, with a greater pandemic impact on those in urban areas, while other shocks fell more heavily on the rural poor.
AIDA is the first online, user-friendly tool that uses an economy-wide model to assess the impact of agricultural investments on economic growth, job creation, and household welfare.
Before 2020, Yemen’s ongoing civil war had cut GDP almost by half; since then COVID-19 has further decimated the economy.