PIM Webinars aim to share findings of PIM’s research, discuss their application, and get feedback and suggestions from participants. Webinars are conducted by PIM researchers in the form of research seminars. Each webinar is a live event consisting of a presentation (30 min) and a facilitated Q&A session (30 min).
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Determinants of rural youth migration throughout the developing world

Power, politics, and governance in the food system: Applications to Africa

Innovations to help secure pastoral land tenure and governance

Climate resilience and job prospects for young people in agriculture

Aspirations, trust, and poverty reduction

Community forest concessions in Petén, Guatemala

Do medium and large-scale farms generate income spillovers for rural households?

Measuring policy distortions along agricultural value chains: Lessons from Africa and Asia

Agricultural mechanization in Africa: Lessons learned from South-South knowledge exchange

Helping smallholder farmers manage risks: Innovations to improve agricultural insurance

Measuring food losses: a new methodology

Women in agriculture: Four myths

Cash transfer programs and intimate partner violence

The Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index – What have we learned?

Strengthening developing-country seed systems and markets

What determines public budgets for agricultural growth in the developing world?

Community forestry. Where and why has devolution of forest rights contributed to better governance and livelihoods?

What levels and composition of investment best serve global objectives of poverty reduction, improved nutrition, and sustainable resource management?

The rise of medium-scale farms in Africa: Causes and consequences of changing farm size distributions

Collecting sex-disaggregated agricultural data through surveys