PIM Branding

PIM Branding and Acknowledgment Guidelines (pdf)

Program's name

The official name of the program is the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets. It should be used in full when first mentioned in a document. Further into the text, the name may be shortened to Policies, Institutions, and Markets or PIM.


Full color version

Use in all full color publications and branding materials:



Orange (with transparent background)

Use in color publications and branding materials printed with a limited palette (two, three colors); or in full color ones if required/preferred from the design perspective:



Black (with transparent background)

Use in black and white publications:


Header and footer

Header // banner

Use for documents and PowerPoint presentations:


Footer (use only with the header, not separately):


PowerPoint Presentation template

Download the PIM PowerPoint Presentation template.