BioSight: Understanding tradeoffs in agricultural intensification

Technological dynamism is key to improving the lives of poor farmers worldwide. Understanding the impacts of adoption of superior technology and sustainable managerial practices is a critical first step to helping farmers succeed. PIM supports activities to improve the tools for assessment of technology adoption and analyzing tradeoffs associated with new technologies. The BioSight project, >> Read more

Of Beneficial Insects and Behavioral Games

Promoting insect-based Ecosystem Services in Southeast Asia - Cambodia New exciting video about the use of ecosystem services, Game theory, and new technologies in Cambodian agriculture. 

“BioSight” Workshop: building a framework for modeling sustainable agricultural intensification

The workshop held over 3-4 December on the BioSight project was attended by over 40 participants from a range of CGIAR centers, Universities and Advanced Research Institutes – modeling experts in the areas of agricultural production and markets, land use, environmental quality and crop production systems, as well as experts in institutions and governance of >> Read more