Priority-setting Session at “Food Secure Arab World” conference in Beirut

Many thanks to the 104 participants who provided inputs during the research priority-setting session!

The results of this session emphasize the importance of conducting research on all research areas included in the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions and Markets (CRP2) in the Arab Countries. Based on the participants’ inputs, crucial importance should be given especially to research on production and technology policies, policy processes and social protection policies in this region.

Browse the detailed results: weights assigned by participants to the program objectives, scores assigned by participants to the different research areas, as well as an overview of the background of participants as provided by the digivoting responses.

These results will be used by the Program Management Committee when determining priorities and funding allocation for the region. More broadly, they can also be useful for prioritization of other research programs.

We are also grateful for the feedback we received on the voting process, which will be used for the other regional priority-setting events conducted by the CGIAR Program on Policies, Institutions and Markets.