Political economy for improved policy analysis and implementation in CGIAR


July 12, 2019

This workshop organized by PIM on September 11-12, 2019 at IFPRI will convene social scientists from across CGIAR to discuss political economy analysis and its integration in the CGIAR research agenda.

Blog about the event and videos available here>>

The feasibility of achieving policy reforms relevant to agricultural productivity, food security, and rural transformation often depends on political economy dynamics. Conflicting interest group pressures, norms and biases of policymakers, and institutional dysfunction often undermine the implementation of evidence-based policy recommendations. While this is implicitly understood by many researchers within CGIAR, they often are unsure about how to rigorously incorporate a political economy perspective into their analysis and how to effectively navigate political economy dynamics to pursue improved policy outcomes.

Consequently, this two-day workshop aims to fill three objectives: 1) expose interested CGIAR researchers to a variety of frameworks and tools for political economy analysis; 2) identify priority political economy constraints relevant to particular policy domains in which CGIAR works; 3) identify options to overcome political economy constraints in areas relevant to the CGIAR agenda; and 4) generate consensus on areas of CGIAR priority that would benefit from the integration of a political economy perspective and identify a process for taking action on them.


This workshop is one of three events that PIM is supporting in 2019 towards capacity strengthening of social scientists in CGIAR (along with the Seeds of Change Conference and the XVII Biennial IASC Conference).  

Photo credit: IFPRI


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