PIM News: February 2020


February 26, 2020

Dear subscribers of the PIM Newsletter! We’ve realized that our quarterly issues have become a bit too long. We have so much exciting new research and updates to share with you – it calls for a more frequent format! So, welcome to PIM Newsa monthly update from the Policies, Institutions, and Markets (PIM) program. We hope you enjoy it. If you have thoughts on how it could be improved further, please let us know!

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Demand for complementary financial and technological tools for managing drought risk

Economic Development and Cultural Change 
Patrick Ward (Duke Kunshan University/IFPRI), David Ortega (MSU), David Spielman (IFPRI), Neha Kumar (IFPRI), and Sumedha Minocha (Cornell University/IFPRI) find that while weather index insurance and drought-tolerant rice variety can independently address drought risk, bundling these tools into a complementary product makes both more attractive to farmers and, consequently, increase adoption rates. Read the article (Open Access)

Understanding rural household behavior: Beyond Boserup and Becker

Agricultural Economics
Understanding both individual roles within households and the levels of cooperation, including joint decision making and ownership of resources, is essential to analysis of households, especially in rural areas where households engage in both production and consumption, believe Cheryl Doss (Oxford University) and Agnes Quisumbing (IFPRI). Read the article (Open Access)

Agricultural growth and sex-disaggregated employment in Africa: Future perspectives under different investment scenarios

Global Food Security 
Aymen Frija (ICARDA), Ali Chebilb (NRGREF), Khondoker Abdul Mottaleb (CIMMYT), Daniel Mason-D'Croz (IFPRI/CSIRO), and Boubaker Dhehibi (ICARDA) assess the medium and long-term effects of alternative agricultural research and development investment scenarios on male and female employment in 14 African countries, find that increased investments in agriculture could generate higher overall employment and reduce gender disparities in labor participation. Read the article (Open Access)

Economic transformation in Africa from the bottom up: New evidence from Tanzania

World Bank Economic Review
Tanzania's rapid labor productivity growth has been accompanied by a proliferation of small, largely informal firms. Using Tanzania's first nationally representative survey of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), Xinshen Diao (IFPRI), Josaphat Kweka (Talanta International), Margaret McMillan (Tufts University), and Zara Qureshi (Fidelity Investments) explore the nature of these businesses, showing that it is a mistake to lump all MSMEs together. Read the article (Open Access)

Sustainable intensification of rice-based systems with potato in Eastern Indo-Gangetic Plains

American Journal of Potato Research
Marcel Gatto, Athanasios Petsakos, and Guy Hareau (International Potato Center (CIP)) analyze effects of sustainable intensification of rice-based systems with potato, focusing on the Eastern Indo-Gangetic Plains of India and Bangladesh, finding "huge potential and positive welfare effects." Read the article (Open Access)

Assessment of outcomes based on the use of PIM-supported foresight modeling work, 2012-2018

Independent Review
The study examines how the tools and outputs of foresight modeling work supported by PIM have been used by a wide range of stakeholders from across CGIAR, other international organizations, academia, and national governments. Download the report.

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