Call for proposals: The Future of X


May 8, 2020

The CGIAR Foresight Report (CGFR) is a CGIAR-wide initiative to inform strategic decision making about future food systems. The CGFR aims at filling a gap in the literature on foresight for agriculture and food systems, drawing on work by CGIAR and partners and focusing particularly on the challenges facing the poor in developing countries over the next two to three decades. Publication of the report is expected in late 2020.

As part of the CGFR, a series of short notes providing perspectives on a variety of topics relevant for food, land and water systems in developing countries will be developed. These should draw on existing work (or, in exceptional cases, identify important research gaps that require future attention). Topics may be narrowly or broadly defined, for example ranging from “The Future of Maize Lethal Necrosis in East Africa” to “The Future of Diets in Developing Countries”. Notes may be authored by individuals or groups and shall be prepared according to a standard template. A multidisciplinary committee of CGIAR stakeholders will rank proposals that meet the basic criteria, and submissions will then be invited based on quality and relevance. All submissions will be peer reviewed with final versions being presented as supplementary content to the CGFR and available online. Notes will be limited to 2 print pages to facilitate high-level communication. Quality submissions not selected for the first round will remain in consideration for later publication.


  • Please fill in the “Call for Proposals" form.
  • The editors (Steven Prager and Keith Wiebe) will screen proposals, discuss with the CGIAR foresight team and CGFR steering committee and invite selected teams to prepare draft notes.
  • The editors will review submitted drafts and facilitate a formal peer review process. Following the review, they will advise authors on their decision to accept, revise, or decline.
  • Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis, beginning in June 2020.
  • Accepted notes will be formatted and posted on the CGFR website (to be developed), each available as a citable, open-access document with its own DOI.


CGIAR staff and their partners. We invite submissions in collaboration with a variety of partners (e.g., private sector, governmental, non-governmental, academic, etc.). All submissions must have at least one CGIAR-based author.


Each final note should address the following points in a total of 2 single-spaced pages (~1000 words). Note that abbreviated responses (2-3 sentences each) for the first four items are requested in the Call for Proposals form.

  • What is the issue?
  • What research has been done?
  • What has the research found?
  • What gaps deserve further work?
  • One table, figure, or photograph
  • Links to more information
  • References

Evaluation criteria

  • Research should be applied and generally oriented toward developing regions.
  • Identified gaps should address clear needs in research, policy issues, investment, etc.
  • Issue should be timely and important with wide relevance.

Photo by C. de Bode/CGIAR