Flagship and Cluster Leaders

*Effective 1 January 2017. See Flagship and Cluster Leaders for PIM Phase 1 (2012-2016) here>> 

Flagship 1: Technological Innovation and Sustainable Intensification

  • Cluster 1.1: Foresight Modeling
  • Cluster 1.2: Science Policy and Innovation Systems for Sustainable Intensification
mark_rosegrant02 prager_steven Keith Wiebe 2014
Mark Rosegrant (IFPRI)
Flagship 1 leader
Steve Prager (CIAT)
Co-leader of Cluster 1.1
Keith Wiebe (IFPRI)
Co-leader of Cluster 1.1
mywish_maredia David Spielman 2
Mywish Maredia (MSU)
Co-leader of Cluster 1.2
David Spielman (IFPRI)
Co-leader of Cluster 1.2

Flagship 2: Economywide Factors Affecting Agricultural Growth and Rural Transformation

  • Cluster 2.1: Agricultural Transformation and Rural Incomes
  • Cluster 2.2: Public Investments and Institutions
  • Cluster 2.3: Political Economy and Policy Processes
  • Cluster 2.4: Client-Responsive Country Engagement and Partnership
diao_xinshen  thom-jayne-msu-3
Xinshen Diao (IFPRI)
Flagship 2 co-leader and Cluster 2.4 leader
Thomas Jayne (MSU)

Flagship 2 co-leader

 thurlow_james_1 Tewodaj Mogues 2  danielle-resnick
James Thurlow (IFPRI)

Cluster 2.1 leader

Tewodaj Mogues (IFPRI)
Cluster 2.2 leader
Danielle Resnick (IFPRI)

Cluster 2.3 leader

Flagship 3: Inclusive and Efficient Value Chains  

  • Cluster 3.1: The Policy Environment for Value Chains
  • Cluster 3.2: Interventions to Strengthen Value Chains
  • Cluster 3.3: Approaches to Value Chain Improvement at Scale
 erwinbulte minot_nicholas  I
Erwin Bulte (Wageningen University)

Flagship 3 co-leader

Nicholas Minot (IFPRI)
Flagship 3 and Cluster 3.2 co-leader
David Laborde (IFPRI)
Cluster 3.1 leader
   alan-de-brauw-3 mark_lundy2
André Devaux (CIP)

Cluster 3.2 co-leader

Alan de Brauw (IFPRI)

Cluster 3.3 co-leader

Mark Lundy (CIAT)
Cluster 3.3 co-leader

Flagship 4: Social Protection for Agriculture and Resilience

  • Cluster 4.1: Social Protection Delivery and Outcomes
  • Cluster 4.2: Agricultural Insurance and Risk Management for the Poor
DanGilligan  shalini_roy  berber_kramer_2013_0
Daniel Gilligan (IFPRI)
Flagship 4 leader
Shalini Roy (IFPRI)

Cluster 4.1 leader

Berber Kramer (IFPRI)
Cluster 4.2 leader

Flagship 5: Governance of Natural Resources

  • Cluster 5.1: Enhancing Tenure Security
  • Cluster 5.2: Governing Shared Landscapes
 Steven_Lawry meinzen-dick2
Steve Lawry (CIFOR)

Flagship 5 and Clusters 5.1&5.2 co-leader

Ruth Meinzen-Dick (IFPRI)
Flagship 5 and Clusters 5.1&5.2 co-leader

Flagship 6: Cross-cutting Gender Research and Coordination

  • Cluster 6.1: Gender, Agricultural Productivity, and Rural Transformation
  • Cluster 6.2: CGIAR Collaborative Platform for Gender Research
Cheryl Doss  mueller_valerie-3  rhiannon-pyburn
Cheryl Doss

(Oxford University)
Flagship 6 leader

Valerie Mueller (IFPRI)

Cluster 6.1 leader

Rhiannon Pyburn (KIT)

Gender Platform coordinator