Three things you need to know about sex-disaggregated data

cross-posted from A4NH Collecting sex-disaggregated data is one of the most common approaches that researchers use to integrate gender in their agriculture-nutrition-health research. However, researchers new to this method may be unsure about why it’s important and what it entails. We asked two gender researchers from the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets >> Read more

Women’s Individual and Joint Property Ownership: Effects on Household Decisionmaking

Researchers and policymakers increasingly recognize the important links between women’s property rights, household decisionmaking, and women’s empowerment. If you increase a woman’s property rights, you increase her bargaining power within the household, which can boost the productivity of that household and will also increase the woman’s overall empowerment. In their new IFPRI/PIM discussion paper Women’s >> Read more

Killer factcheck: ‘Women own 2% of land’ = not true. What do we really know about women and land?

This blog was originally written for oxfamblogs. Cheryl Doss argues that (as with ‘70% of the world’s poor are women‘) we need to stop using the unfounded ‘women own 2% of theworld’s farmland’ stat, and start using some of the real numbers that are emerging (while also demanding much better gender data). Cheryl Doss is a >> Read more

Gender focused research – the tools and the strategies

Cross-posted from Consortium News Women farmers are crucial to agricultural production, especially in the small-scale sector. Figures show that they make up to half of the agricultural workforce in some developing countries, but often face unequal access to resources, such as land and technologies. Yet although the issue of the skewed gender bias in agriculture has >> Read more

Interview with Caitlin Kieran, PIM’s new Senior Research Assistant for Gender

PIM Senior Research Assistant, Caitlin Kieran, discusses her new role and her thoughts on future developments of the integration of gender-focused data in agricultural research. What is your role within PIM? As PIM’s Senior Research Assistant focusing on gender, I will serve as a resource for improving gender analyses within the PIM portfolio and help >> Read more