Cross-cutting Gender Research and Coordination


While advancing women’s land rights may be the foundation for reducing gender inequalities in agriculture, this alone is likely insufficient to bring about significant change.
Widespread male migration from rural areas is one of the most important forces shaping agrarian transformation in Nepal. How does it affect irrigation governance?
EnGendering Data Blog
Women’s empowerment is of paramount importance for multiple development goals – but how do we measure it? A summary of key tools and methods.
Webinar: How can alternative business models for seed marketing and distribution in Sub-Saharan Africa be enhanced for both women and men?
How rural transformation may influence women’s and men’s labor patterns, access to resources, and broader gender relations and norms - in a new PIM Synthesis Brief.
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Nick Magnan and Abby Love share lessons from a gender-disaggregated lab-in-the-field experiment in Tanzania - in the new EnGenderingData Blog!
Men and women often disagree when asked the same questions. But what do these disagreements actually tell us about gender and household behavior? 
EnGendering Data Blog
Lucia Rost shares her experience using spot phone calls for measuring gendered time use in rural low-income settings.
Empowering pastoralist women is key for development of pastoral societies in general. How best to do it remains a challenge, but a new note aims to help.