Cross-cutting Gender Research and Coordination


How can women’s voices be amplified in a situation of prevailing patriarchal norms? Evidence from a civil society mapping project in Mali.
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Advancing women’s land rights is a priority for the international development agenda. Yet, there is no consensus on which rights should be monitored and reported.
A new CIFOR/World Agroforestry brief presents a study on the changing opportunity spaces of men and women in the drylands of eastern Kenya.
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A new Prindex survey is giving voice to women around the world, letting them share their perceptions of their property rights.
February 2021 news and updates from PIM and a special collection of our gender research resources to mark the International Women's Day.
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Steven Cole, Catherine Njuguna, and Devis F. Mwakanyamale introduce a new dyadic interview tool for exploring intra-household decision making.
A review of PIM 2018-2019 gender research analyses 391 peer-reviewed publications, highlighting key gender findings and discussing challenges faced by researchers in doing gender analysis.
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Gender attitudes are typically viewed as 'sticky'. New study shows that some (but certainly not all) aspects of gender attitudes may be easy to alter.
This new practitioner’s guide explains how to promote gender-responsive forest tenure reform in community-based forest regimes.